New Air Conditioning Service Tamarac, FL

ac repair service tamarac fl

We’re happy to hear Eddy is going out on his own and starting his own Air Conditioning Service. This week his new Website went live. Check it out here:  ac repair service tamarac fl
If anyone in the Tamarac area is looking for a qualified, personable and professional AC repairman Eddy is your guy.
Eddy went to school and got his degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. This is nothing new to him as he’s been doing it for more than 20 years. We’re very happy that he has taken the initiative to jump in and work for himself.

certified hvac technicians ac repair tamarac


Eddy has worked at several other Air Conditioning companies in South Florida but their commercial attitudes and lack of real customer assistance interest has made Eddy really want to go out on his own. This gives him the opportunity to provide the customer service he has always wanted to provide but was restrained from giving because the company he worked for had policies he didn’t agree with.


Ac Repair Tamarac FL provides many traditional Air Conditioning repair services, such as:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Duct Cleaning and Maintenance
  • AC Compressor installation
  • AC unit Installation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Free Estimate

Summer is coming. Your AC  probably needs a Tuneup so give Eddy a call he’d be glad to hear from you. 954-440-7341


What is a Craftpreneur

What is a Craftpreneur?


Craftpreneurs are people who have decided that they are going to generate and run a business with a product that will be something they create with their own hands.  This can be the biggest step in someone’s life. It’s a risky step, but for some a life-changing event that catapults their life in a direction they never thought imaginable. In this article I’ll be outlining 2 such examples of people who have created a living from something they create with the right tools and their own two hands.


Brandi runs Amaysing Gifts.

Amaysing Gifts is a craft gift shop that offers products created by Brandi. She creates Tshirts, Vinyl adorned items and one very unique item that may not at first light seem very profitable, but it sure looks like a lot of fun!  Brandi creates Glitter Bombs! If you’ve never seen a Glitter Bomb be glad. That means you either don’t have creative friends, or dont have smart enemies. LOL
Glitter Bombs, consist of smartly placed packets of Ultra Fine Glitter placed within an unsuspecting neatly appropriated card that burst upon opening! This creates what crafters call “Craft Herpes”! Glitter as many of you know is the hardest thing to remove from your clothes, carpet and just any surface really.

Brandi takes orders in her online shop from customers who want to “prank” their friends, or exact revenge on their neighbor. Either way the profitability of this product is through the roof!

It’s a genius idea that is running wildly and making Brandi’s new business a great success. Congratulations Brandi!


Jose runs Hialeah Roof Repair

Jose started out working for someone else at the age of 17. Ever since that time he has wanted to work for himself. He had been working and putting money into his bosses coffers for so many years and never really seeing the fruit of his own labor. Well one weekend with an aching back and a dwindling savings account he realized what he was doing wasn’t working. He was working himself 12 -14 hours a day and not having anything to show for it. He loved his job. He loved creating strong durable roofs as a Miami roofing contractor. When he steps back in the driveway and looks up he is always proud to know that the people under this roof will be kept safe, warm and dry because he was able to create a Great roof for them! Jose knew his boss never felt that feeling.

Jose wanted to strike out on his own. So he just did it! Like NIKE says “Just do it!” and he did! Jose has been in business for himself for 5 years now. He loves what he does and enjoys that at the end of the day his work and profit are his own. He works for his own livelihood, not the success of someone else’s company.  It wasn’t easy. He struggled to get clients at first, but soon enough with diligent work and consistent good feedback it all came together.

So you see in both of these examples working with your hands and doing what you love makes you a Craftpreneur! Someone who uses their Craft to create a business.

SVGs for Vinyl Projects

SVGs for vinyl projects make things so easy when using a Cricut or Silhouette Cutting machine. It’s a fast an easy way to get the project started. The Digital artist like the one at Amaysing SVGs provides beautiful layered images ready to be used in your projects. There are literally hundreds of SVGs to choose from in her Etsy Shop and her website Amaysing

She is currently having a Buy One Get One half price deal! It is fantastic!!

Amaysing SVGs BOGO sale

Aren’t these designs Great? The price is insane! I know alot of happy crafters who will enjoy these!!


The Digital Weapon for Craftpreneurs

Digital Weapon Day One

Hi and Welcome to the Digital Weapon for Craftpreneurs!
This website and blog have been created for friends and fellow crafters who find it hard to get their products out there where everyone can enjoy them.
My mission is simple. I’d love to form a community of creative minds supporting each other with tips on craft sales, sharing stories of their craft businesses and most of all supporting each other in our handmade businesses. You see I know that it is possible to create a living from making Digital Weapon Day Onethings with just your hands and your creativity, I’ve been doing it a long time.

For people who participate in Craft Shows, Flea Markets, Art Shows, Etsy, Shopify, Deviant World and so many more, this Blog is an offering of space to you. Its a place to comment, share stories and network with others who are on the same journey.  Those same people who want to make a living from what they create and share it with the world while making a profit along the way.

So here is my Digital Weapon. It’s a Crafters Network of sharing and inspiring others to do the same. Join Me, won’t you?