The Digital Weapon for Craftpreneurs

Hi and Welcome to the Digital Weapon for Craftpreneurs!
This website and blog have been created for friends and fellow crafters who find it hard to get their products out there where everyone can enjoy them.
My mission is simple. I’d love to form a community of creative minds supporting each other with tips on craft sales, sharing stories of their craft businesses and most of all supporting each other in our handmade businesses. You see I know that it is possible to create a living from making Digital Weapon Day Onethings with just your hands and your creativity, I’ve been doing it a long time.

For people who participate in Craft Shows, Flea Markets, Art Shows, Etsy, Shopify, Deviant World and so many more, this Blog is an offering of space to you. Its a place to comment, share stories and network with others who are on the same journey.  Those same people who want to make a living from what they create and share it with the world while making a profit along the way.

So here is my Digital Weapon. It’s a Crafters Network of sharing and inspiring others to do the same. Join Me, won’t you?

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