What is a Craftpreneur

What is a Craftpreneur?


Craftpreneurs are people who have decided that they are going to generate and run a business with a product that will be something they create with their own hands.  This can be the biggest step in someone’s life. It’s a risky step, but for some a life-changing event that catapults their life in a direction they never thought imaginable. In this article I’ll be outlining 2 such examples of people who have created a living from something they create with the right tools and their own two hands.


Brandi runs Amaysing Gifts.

Amaysing Gifts is a craft gift shop that offers products created by Brandi. She creates Tshirts, Vinyl adorned items and one very unique item that may not at first light seem very profitable, but it sure looks like a lot of fun!  Brandi creates Glitter Bombs! If you’ve never seen a Glitter Bomb be glad. That means you either don’t have creative friends, or dont have smart enemies. LOL
Glitter Bombs, consist of smartly placed packets of Ultra Fine Glitter placed within an unsuspecting neatly appropriated card that burst upon opening! This creates what crafters call “Craft Herpes”! Glitter as many of you know is the hardest thing to remove from your clothes, carpet and just any surface really.

Brandi takes orders in her online shop from customers who want to “prank” their friends, or exact revenge on their neighbor. Either way the profitability of this product is through the roof!

It’s a genius idea that is running wildly and making Brandi’s new business a great success. Brandi also created a fantastic Custom Tshirts collection! Stop over and check it out! Congratulations Brandi!

So you see this is a Great example of working with your hands and doing what you love making you a Craftpreneur! Someone who uses their Craft to create a business.

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